Jake Moore

UX/UI Designer

LiftBro for iOS

LiftBro is my dream body building tracker app. LiftBro is not only your lifting buddy, but words of affirmation. "Lift, BRO!"

The app is very flexible to align with your workout routine. Add your exercise, set your weight, sets, reps, rest time, and you're on your way! You can add exercises as you start them, or add them all at once for a circuit.

After searching relentlessly for the perfect workout companion app, I came to the conclusion that it simply didn't exist. The best companion was a simple notepad and pen. This is where I drew my inspiration. LiftBro is as easy and flexible as a notepad, but as smart as your iPhone.

The visual style of the app was heavily inspired by the notepads I used, and the interaction model was based on real-world tracking habits. I combined these things to make an interactive prototype using the tool Pixate.