The perfect companion on your Pokémon adventure!

Hundreds of Pokémon: At Your Fingertips

Being a Pokémon trainer is a dangerous journey! It’s important to keep yourself well-informed while out in the wilderness. The official Pokédex contains a wealth of knowledge on every Pokémon in every region! The Pokédex is the absolute best way to stay smart on your adventure, whether you’re trying to become the strongest trainer, or you’re trying to collect them all!

Keep Track Of Your Collection

The Pokédex allows you to quickly mark the Pokémon that you’ve captured as part of your collection. Simply tap the Collection Marker to the left of each Pokémon’s name.

You can also filter your list to show only Pokémon you haven’t yet captured, have captured, or all Pokémon.

Manage Multiple Profiles

Not every Pokémon trainer is a lone-wolf type. Some folks like to train in packs, like... wolves, or something. If you’ve got several people in your pack, the Pokédex lets you keep a profile of each person’s adventure. Because no two trainers are alike!

Being able to manage multiple profiles means you can each build the story of your adventure, all in one cozy place. You can even sync your profiles across devices, to make sure you’re always up to date.

180/649 Captured
400/649 Captured
649/649 Captured

Take Notes In The Field

Pokédex lets you keep a visual field guide of the things you see while you’re out on your adventure, in a very cool way!

With Pokédex, you can record photos, video, or audio of a Pokémon in the wild. You can then write down notes about what you’ve seen, or even tag the geolocation of the sighting so you can come back again.

It's The Friendliest Map In The Pokéworld

The Pokédex map not only helps you find your way in the world, it also helps you connect with your friends. Quickly get a glimpse of where your friends are and tap their icon to chat or call.

You can also use the Pokédex map to see where you’ve spotted certain Pokémon. Or sync up to our public map to get sightings from people all over the world!